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Your visions will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.
— C. G. Jung

Welcome to Mindful Awakenings!

Mindful Awakenings Coaching offers an approach to personal change that supports you in living according to your own inner wisdom. Through Mindful Awakenings, I offer you a transformational coaching process that meets you where you are, moves through the practices of mindfulness and yoga to support you as you open to embody this awakening, one step at a time.

Have you experienced moments of unexpected opening to peace, joy and connection that shift how you see and relate to your life, yourself and others?

Would you like expert support as you explore what new growth or healing is possible for you as a result?

You might sense within you the possibility that you could live with greater purpose and depth. Yet, you might feel unsure about how to live your life in this new way. The Mindful Awakenings coaching process can help you to explore and create your own pathway to living a life of greater peace and fulfillment. My coaching process offers you support as you learn tools to help you let go of learned habit behaviors that no longer serve you and to create the life you envision for yourself.

Julie Woodward, MA, MSW, RYT-200   Founder

Julie Woodward, MA, MSW, RYT-200



What I Do

Services I Offer Include:

  • Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

  • Full 8-Week, Mindful Awakenings Coaching Course

  • Individual and Group Instruction on mindfulness and yoga practices

Mindful Awakenings coaching is a step-wise process that you may engage in as a whole, 8-week course or you may choose to enter the coaching process at the point that fits your needs. Possibilities for targeted coaching include learning and experience grounding and centering self-regulatory practices. Another possible focus for coaching is to cultivate body awareness as a support for recognizing and relating to restrictive old habit patterns in a new way. In addition, the focus of coaching might be on exploring and living from awakened awareness. Sometimes the coaching process can provide a safe place for you to move through grief. Or, coaching sessions could focus on identifying helpful strategies for decision making.

The Mindful Awakenings coaching process engages you on all levels - body,mind,and spirit - inviting you to connect with your strengths and supporting your new growth.

I offer an initial complementary coaching session so that you may explore whether the Mindful Awakenings coaching process is a good fit for you.

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Mindfulness in Action

Upcoming Mindfulness in Action events include ongoing yoga classes, mindfulness hikes, and Mindful Decluttering.


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